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Woodlake Technologies, Inc.

Woodlake Technologies, Inc.

666 W Hubbard Street,
Chicago, IL 60654


For over 25 years Woodlake Technologies has been an acknowledged leader in providing assistive technology to help individuals to meet their vocational, educational and personal goals.


GEWA Infra-Link

A way to make buildings completely accessible is with the installation of GEWA Infra-Link infrared remote control of elevator access systems by Abilia AB. The remote control system offers complete independence and total floor access to those with severe physical disabilities.

Buildings can be made completely accessible by the installation of GEWA Infra-Link infrared remote control of the elevator access systems. With a one-button remote control unit, the elevator can be summoned on each floor and the destination floor called once inside the car. Optional remote control units are available with more buttons for those who have the capability to use them. And there are transmitters available for computers and AAC devices.

No one ever seems to be around when you need to call the elevator. Even in busy facilities, there is the need for independent access to the elevator.

The remote control system offers complete independence and total floor access to those with severe physical disabilities. Often, the car is too small to turn to face the control panel. One drives in and backs out—which means that the controls are inaccessible. No problem when Infra-Link controls are installed — just drive into the car and make the required selection—even if the receiver is behind you.

From the outside, there isn't much to show about the remote control system. At most there is a small receiver that is mounted on the wall. Some installations have the receiver hidden behind panels and all that shows is the unobtrusive infrared window.

Grid Player Tablet

 Grid Player Tablet is a new dynamic display tablet that enables you to speak clear messages everywhere you go. It is lightweight with a bright touchscreen display, and lasts a long time on a charge to keep you in the conversation all day long. You create and modify vocabulary pages on your Windows computer and save the pages in the cloud in a free, on-line account used to synchronize with your tablet any time it is connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot. That way you never have to take the device away from the user to update pages, and all support staff modify a single page set, eliminating multiple version.

Large Print keyboard For Apple OS

With a built-in chip made specifically for macOS®, the new ALBA Large Print keyboard is pure plug & play. No need for drivers and tedious setup.
The keyboard has a built-in macOS® chip and is fully compatible with macOS.

Maltron Expanded Keyboard

This Maltron Expanded Keyboard has been robust­ly designed with a strong steel construction to withstand heavy use, and has a nylon coating for a smooth wipe-clean surface. The keyboard was initially designed with Cerebral Palsy in mind, but it provides enhanced access for most physically disabled and visually impaired use.


  • Extra space keys for easier access
  • Sticky shift keys
  • Indicator LED's
  • A shift lock key
  • Optional audio
  • Variable repeat rate
  • Extra keyboard socket

Optimist MMX-3

With the Optimist MMX-3, ZYGO has enhanced a versatile PC to provide the loud, clear output and switch access input required for an AAC device. It's usable like a laptop from the keyboard and/or as a touch-screen tablet. It's durable, is drop and spill resistant, has a built-in carry handle, and will withstand the demands of everyday use. The Optimist-MMX-3 is available preloaded with a choice of AAC packages and a variety of speech synthesizers. Or, the unit is available without software so you can add your favorites. Dialects, dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) versions, are available for Medical Assistance requirements. They are identical in every way to the Optimist-MMX except non-communication functions are locked out. You choose the AAC program, but it will only run the AAC software you choose. The Optimist is an integrated communication system, while the Dialect meets the restrictive Medicare criteria as a dedicated speech generating device. The Medicare HCPCS code is E2510.


PolyAndro-10 is lightweight, portable, and perfect for literate users on the go or at home. It is a bright Android tablet with Persona for Android providing you with clear text-to-speech voice output, and a host of input rate enhancements you are sure to appreciate every day.


PolyAndro-7 leverages the Persona for Android app to provide text-to-speech output that is precise and clear. Persona for Android is an application for the Android tablet that develops interactive conversations for literate users, whether in person or on the phone. The device is light-weight, compact and easily carried. The PolyAndro-7 thinks one step ahead, increasing output speed with functions like word predictions and stored phrases. The user will be able to easily store and hold messages and program situational scenarios. The device offers many languages and a varying array of voices. The user has the option to turn the display forward so that the listener can see what they are saying, as they type.

Zavox Reo Voice Amplifier

The new Zavox Reo is a personal voice amplifier designed to reduce vocal strain and amplify the softest voice. It has been developed especially for clients who have Parkinson’s or a condition that makes speaking loudly difficult.

The Reo is compact, stylish and sleek, worn around the waist or carried over the shoulder. The Reo delivers five hours of continuous voice output. When not in use, it enters standby mode much like a cell phone. This feature extends battery life while keeping the system readily available to you

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