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Gentleman Door Automation LLC

109 Old Limestone Rd
Avondale, PA 19311


Gentleman Door Automation offers Automation kits for:
Swinging Hinged Doors - Sliding Door Opener -  Automatic Pocket Doors - Patio Door Operator - Secret Rooms - Man Caves - Women Room - Star Trek Type Doors - Special Projects - Powered Automatic Door - Rest Rooms - Clean Rooms - Restaurant Kitchens - Helping the Handicap & Disabled - Veterans with Disabilities - Aging in Place - Wheelchair Mobility - Pet Doors- Remote Control Door Activation - IPhone & Android Door Activation - Time Machines


Sliding Door / Window Operator & Pocket Door's

Since 1958, Johnson Hardware® has produced a complete line of superior quality sliding, folding and pocket door hardware for residential and light commercial applications. Over the years, our original designs and simple-to-install products have earned us a reputation as an industry leader. All Johnson Hardware® products are designed with care, built using meticulous production procedures and checked under rigid quality control standards. In a constant effort to manufacture the best possible hardware, every Johnson Hardware® product is regularly evaluated and updated using customer input and the very newest technology. Compare the Johnson Hardware® line; you'll find a superb blend of quality, function and value.

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