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Restroom Direct

129 Oakpark Dr.
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Restroom Direct takes customer service seriously. We specialize in the products we sell and we understand the needs of the many small and large establishments with which we work. Let us know what you need for your business, and we will do our best to help.


ArmPull Hands-Free Door Opener

  • The ArmPull Hands-Free Restroom Door Opener allows you to open the restroom door using your forearm (or wrist) so you don't have to worry about transferring germs from the door handle to your hands.  
  • Easy to install and use, the ArmPull is a simple answer to an old problem. 
  • The ArmPull is designed to give you a variety ways to use it.  You can use your wrist, forearem, and even elbow to open the door and you can use it in the up, sideways or down position.
  • Heavy duty, one piece construction.  No welds to break, or large holes to drill.
  • Designed and manufactured by the people who brought you the FootPull.
  • Because of its heavy duty design, this is the only arm-opener we sell rated for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • Used by major corporations such as Boeing, Target and Pepsi throughout the US.
  • Using a key-fob?  Install an ArmPull and you won't have to touch that outside door handle at all.

FootPull Hands-Free Door Opener

  • The  Hands-Free Restroom Door Opener allows you to open the restroom door using your foot so you don't have to touch that dirty door handle.  Easy to install and use, this device is a a simple answer to an old problem. 
  • The FootPull comes with a pad on the inside so that it will not scratch your fancy shoes or exposed toes. 
  • Heavy Duty, One Piece 356 Aluminum, silver, textured finish

Sanitary Door Opener - Set of 2


This is a really easy way to provide your customers with a second option for opening doors. 

  • The kit mounts above the restroom or lab door handle and does not necessarily replace the door handle, so it is not affected by ADA requirements.
  • Great if you have hand dryers and no paper towels for customers to use on the door handles.
  • Perfect for labs and other sanitary environments.
  • These openers are made out of tough aluminum with a rubber coating to protect the arm.
  • Each kit comes with two units (including hardware and labels for each). 

SanitGrasp Hygienic Door Handle

The SanitGrasp SG-101 Hygienic Door Handle allows your patrons to open restroom doors without actually touching them!  The US & internationally patented design makes it easy for any user to slip their arm into the opening and pull.  Their hand never comes into contact with the door handle, and so never touches any germs that may be residing on that handle.

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