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Your go-to solution for managing the ADA & workplace accommodations... 


Compliance with the ADA and ADAAA requires employers to accommodate employees using the interactive process.


Meet Presagia ADA, a cloud-based software solution that helps employers gain control of the interactive process, and can be used for all types of accommodations:


  • ADA accommodations
  • Workplace accommodations as part of vocational rehabilitation
  • Stay-at-work accommodations
  • Return-to-work accommodations
  • Accommodations related to workers’ compensation
  • And more!


No more maintaining paper files, sticky notes, and spreadsheets to manage an accommodation case. Presagia ADA gives you a single, centralized solution to document all details about your accommodation. Fully searchable and reportable, it makes finding all of the information you need about an accommodation case easy. The system also includes time-saving features like correspondence templates and automatic reminders of next steps. 


Use Presagia ADA to fully manage and document the accommodation process, while remaining compliant and keeping your employees engaged and productive in the workplace! 



Presagia ADA

Meet Presagia ADA, a cloud-based solution that allows your organization to take the next step in managing the ADA and all other workplace accommodations. Presagia ADA offers employers a powerful case management system to fully manage and document the Interactive Process. With Presagia ADA, you can address Stay at Work and Return to Work accommodations, and support compliance, while creating a valuable resource to keep your employees engaged and productive in the workplace.

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