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Precision Sclero, Inc.

Syris Scientific

P.O. Box 130
22 Shaker Road
Gray, ME 04039


Syris Scientific, a Maine based medical company founded in 1997, is the leader in the field of advanced visualization systems for surface and subsurface viewing.


SyrEase Syringe Adaptor

The SyrEase syringe adaptor device is a revolutionary design change for the standard syringe that allows sequential aspiration and injection by a single finger from a single hand. Since only a single finger movement is needed to operate the syringe, hand position remains unchanged during treatment, and the needle tip stays as still as possible. In view of the fact that only one hand is needed to operate the syringe, the sclerotherapist’s second hand is completely free to assist in other ways, such as applying constant skin tension or manipulating the treatment vessel. When performing ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy with the SyrEase device, the sclerotherapist’s second hand is available to guide the ultrasound probe. This frees the ultrasound technician for other duties and provides a great cost savings. Given its’ inherent ergonomic advantages, the SyrEase easy injection device can improve treatment accuracy and results. The affordable cost of the product is well outweighed by improved results and greater office efficiency. Be sure to view the demonstration videos of this product. You will see the ergonomic and therapeutic advantages of the SyrEase as well as its ease of use. One hand needle injectors are shipped in attractive display containers of 100 disposable units.

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