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Palmer Industries Inc.

Palmer Industries Inc.

PO Box 5707
Endicott, NY 13763


Palmer Independence Scooter

For those who wish outdoor freedom, and like to go it alone, this Palmer full suspension electric scooter is designed for your journeys on the road again, in the grass, on gravel, through the park, to the bank or shopping. This power wheelchair has Moped Wheels for these adventursome travels. It's a heavy duty Palmer electric wheelchair proudly made in the USA.


The Palmer Mail Cart

Introducing an innovative way to deliver mail in large facilities. This electric 3 wheel in-plant transporter features 2 mail carrying platforms, one above the other, with a total payload capacity of 550 lbs. The infinitely variable speed controller is factory adjustable to limit speed to any speed range from 0-5MPH up to 0-13 mph.

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