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MSM Productions, LTD.

MSM Productions, LTD.

1095 Meigs Street
Rochester, NY 14620


MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is "Making the world a better place for the next Deaf generation—and for Deaf people now.


Meeting Halfway in American Sign Language

Bragg, B., & Olson, J. R. (1993). Meeting Halfway in American Sign Language: A Common Ground for Effective Communication Among Deaf and Hearing People. Rochester, NY: Deaf Life Press.


This text models sign communication through sequential black and white photographs for the stories, dialogues, and poems presented. The authors suggest a generic definition of ASL that includes all varieties of language that American deaf people employ when they sign, whether among themselves or with hearing people. The text features more than 1,200 black and white photos

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