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Since 1999, InspectorTools has been distributing high quality test equipment to building inspection, facility maintenance, and energy conservation professionals.


Aqua SnakeEye II Color Video Inspection Camera System

SnakeEye™ is a low-cost hand held remote video inspection system. Lightweight, modular and portable, SnakeEye™ "lets your eyes travel where you can't." Combining a CCD camera and TFT-LCD display technology, SnakeEye™ delivers crystal-clear, full color video at a fraction of the price of current remote video inspection systems.

SnakeEye™ is modular in design so that it can be easily configured to inspect ... behind walls, inside ceilings, in and around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft, inside engine compartments, behind computer equipment, underneath automobile dashboards … the possible uses are endless. SnakeEye™ is ideal for quick, non-destructive, qualitative inspections in hard-to-reach places.

SnakeEye™ achieves its versatility with an interchangeable camera head that can be attached to a rigid wand, a ring finger attachment or extendible cables. SnakeEye™ comes equipped with a full range of accessories and also has plug-in capabilities, one of which allows the user to connect to a standard VCR, a computer or a handycam to record and playback images.

SnakeEye™ is designed to function in harsh industrial and commercial environments and is constructed of high impact, heavy duty plastic that can withstand shock and vibration. SnakeEye™ resists water, dust, and dirt particles and can also be used where grease and non-solvent based chemicals are present.

Aqua SnakeEye III Hand-Held Visual Inspection System

The SnakeEye™ III Base Kit W (wand and LED camera) is ideal for visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas with access greater than 1.1 in (27.9mm).

The SnakeEye™ III records images as snapshots that are stored on a removable SD (Secure Digital) card or, when connected to a VCR, as streaming video.

The SnakeEye™ III also includes an audio function. With the audio function, you can add stand-alone voice notes during live video mode. Also, you can add audio comments to individual snapshots stored on the SD card while you browse the images.

SnakeEye™III has passed the FCC, CE, CB Scheme, ETL, and IP68 tests.

Sensit P400 With Pump 4 Gas

SENSIT® P400 is a multi gas personal monitor designed to warn the user of hazardous gases in their working environment. The P400 can be configured with 1 to 5 sensors.

Optional, Immediate Detection System (IDS) provides early warning to changes in gas concentrations.

SENSIT® P400 Standard Features
• Audible Alarm - 3 Tone
• Visual Alarm - 360° View
• Vibration Alarm
• STEL and TWA Alarms
• Compliance/Status Indicator
• Data Logging
• Easy Field Calibration
• Easy Clean Dust Pre-Filter
• Easy-Access Reusable Dust Filter
• Alkaline and/or NiMH Battery
• Limited 2-Year Warranty (Including Sensors)
• Extended Warranty Available

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