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Health Products for You

Health Products for You

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Perfect for treating arthritis and for post-surgical exercise. The lightweight, velvety texture is the result of a unique composition that makes it less oily than other putties. Won't stick to skin or under fingernails. Achiev Air-Putty® maintains resistance while pinching and squeezing. Sold by volume, not weight. U.S. Patent 5,6079,993.

Curved Bath Brush

Curved Bath Brush is latex free and has curved handle to 180 degrees so persons with minimal range of motion can reach their neck, shoulders and back.

Tubular Fabricators Universal Stair Climbing Walker

Tubular Fabricators Universal Stair Climbing Walker functions as a regular walker and aids in ascending and descending stairs when using the extended handle grips. It has youth to adult height adjustment and over-the-toilet design. It features reinforcing brace clamps and is adjustable in one-inch increment.

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