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Essential Aids

Essential Aids

52 The Droveway
East Sussex, BN3 6PP

Overview is devoted to providing a comprehensive, quality service.

They aim to feature products that our customers want, at prices that offer genuine value.


Cordless Kettle Tipper

This Cordless Kettle Tipper allows the user to pour boiling water in safety.

Those with a tremor or reduced strength can find using kettles difficult.

This tipper holds the kettle in a stable position, enabling smooth pouring.

The kettle sits on a metal base within the wire frame while a velcro strap provides extra security.

The Cordless Kettle Tipper's frame has a cut out at the front, allowing cups to be placed as close to the kettle as possible.


Derby Kettle & Teapot Tipper

This Derby Kettle and Teapot Tipper is a great living aid for the kitchen.

It enables the safe pouring of hot liquids without the user having to lift any significant weight.

It is compatible with most teapots and cordless kettles and has a velcro strap for extra safety.

Made of lightweight plastic, the Derby Kettle and Teapot Tipper is useful for those with a tremor or reduced strength in their arms and hands.

A stabiliser base is available to add even greater security.

Length: 205mm (8 inches).

Width: 275mm (11 inches).

Height: 200mm (8 inches).

Weight: 500g.

The item is pictured with both stabiliser base and the tipper itself.


Jug Kettle Tipper

Designed specifically for the use with jug kettles, this sturdy wire tipper makes it safe and easy to pour water.

Hold your kettle securely in a cradle and pivots gently to pour with the need to lift.

Not suitable for cordless kettles.


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