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Imagine that you only hear silence. You’re scheduled for surgery and have just arrived at the hospital. Since you’re deaf and may have difficulty fully communicating with others, you may have already requested an interpreter to communicate with your surgeon and staff. You’re quickly wheeled into the operating room.

Imagine that everyone is wearing a surgical mask. You have no idea what they’re saying. Visual communication is your lifeline. You communicate through sign language, lip-reading, facial expressions, gestures, and countless other visual cues. Even a simple, reassuring smile helps.

Imagine you don't feel human. You ask staff to take off their masks so that you can understand them, but they cannot. They need the masks to protect you and to protect themselves. They seem to be speaking to you, but you do not know what they are saying because their faces are covered up. As staff conduct their last safety checks, you don’t know what they’re asking. You are left voiceless and confused.

This experience can happen to many of us, including our own ClearMask™ team members. Traditional masks can block communication, cause confusion, and create a disconnect. By allowing a full view of our faces, the ClearMask™ can help improve understanding and bring everyone together through human connection.


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