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Captek, Inc.

Captek, Inc.

1043 Lincoln Highway
Berwyn, PA 19312


CAPTEK/SCIENCE PRODUCTS has a 50-year history of adapting an extensive array of items for use by the vision impaired. Their focus has always been on innovation, quality, and service. In recent years our specialty has become voice adaptation of digital displays, but we continue to investigate other creative ways to make equipment accessible through touch and sound.


Captek Voice Adapted Glory MACH 3 Coin Sorter-Packager

The Internal CAPTEK Voice Module speaks clearly with easily accessible controls. 

This easy-to-operate unit counts and sorts six coin denominations. It may also be used to bag or wrap coins. Its small physical size (9.5" x 15.4" footprint) makes it ideal for vending operations with limited space and its light weight (16.8 lbs) makes it easily portable.

  • Optional Accessories: MACH 3
  • Magnet filters out magnetic coins and other metals, such as paper clips.
  • Bagging Pedestal: needed for either wrapping or bagging coins.
  • Tubing Kits are used for wrapping coins.
  • All six coin positions must be filled by drawer, bag, or tube. If bags or tubes
  • are selected, the number of drawers may be reduced for credit against accessories.

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