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Boundless Assistive Technology

Boundless Assistive Technology

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Boundless Assistive Technology proudly offers an unparalleled selection of the world's best Assistive Technology and functions as a full systems integrator. With over 3,000 AT products available, complete PC and Mac systems, and bundled tablets, our access solutions meet the needs of virtually any ability.


Basic-D Braille Embosser

Basic-D v4 is a small, powerful, portable Braille printer. It offers extraordinary performance at a competitive price. The Basic D produces high quality braille on both sides of the paper, known as interpoint or double sided braille. It also uses fan-folded paper, which is the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers. Basic-D is stable and capable of continuous Braille embossing.

Index v4 Braille embossers are easier to use than ever; with a longer lifespan, simpler servicing options and much more. Basic v4 is accommodated siimply with the best Braille technology.

Brailliant Refreshable Braille Display

Brailliant Refreshable Braille Displays are designed for extensive reading with full comfort, intuitive display, and easy to use navigation thumb keys. This new generation of Brailliant Braille Displays feature the excellent, sharp and crisp braille cell technology that users have praised on the BrailleNote Apex.

Light, compact, portable, yet sturdy and durable, these displays ergonomically fit in front of your laptop or desktop keyboard, and can be used with your preferred mobile devices. Built with lightweight, long lasting aluminum housing, the Brailliant will stand up to daily wear and tear.

Precise and efficient, the Brailliant features a responsive braille input keyboard and command keys located on each side of the display. This simple layout facilitates navigation by reproducing all the standard key combinations, and users can control the screen reader without removing hands from the display.

ClearSounds CSC600ER Emergency Phone

The CSC600ER UltraClear™ Amplifying Emergency Connect Speakerphone is all about preparedness. It offers a recordable outgoing emergency message, will auto dials up to 5 pre-programmed numbers, and has an answer and hang-up through the included pendant.

ClearSounds WCSC600 Amplified Freedom Phone

With its top-notch design, exceptional ergonomics and cutting-edge tone management technology, the CSC600 UltraClear Amplifying Speakerphone is an ideal phone for moderate to severe hearing loss. The handset allows users to tailor amplification and ringtone preferences to perfection.

DSI Left-Handed Keyboard with Cherry Mechanical Red Switch

The DSI Left Handed USB Keyboard with Cherry Mechanical Key Switches was created specifically for left handed typists. The high-quality mechanical switch design has a key life of 20 million life cycles. The left-handed keyboard is the ideal solution to the need for left-handed products at home and in the workplace and an ergonomic solution for right-handed users.

  • High-quality Cherry Mechanical Red Switches Designed especially for left- handed typists Ergonomic solution for right-handed users
  • Offers standard numeric keypad
  • Dimensions: 18.06â?쳌 W x 6.43â?쳌 D x 1.43â?쳌 H
  • Keycap size: 0.76â?³ (1.94 cm)
  • Cable length: 56â?³ (1.42 m)
  • Number of keys: 104
  • Keyswitch type: Mechanical (Red/Black linear mechanical Cherry)
  • Keyswitch rating: 20 million actuations
  • Power supply: +5 V (D.C.) ± 5% @ 250 mA
  • Total travel: 0.14â?³ ± 0.02â?³ (3.5 mm ± 0.5 mm)
  • Operating temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC - Storage temperature: -20ºC to +65ºC
  • Interface: USB (USB to PS/2 adapter included)
  • Compatibleup to Windows 10

Esys Braille Display

The Esys line of portable Braille displays feature an integrated Braille keyboard, a slot for a mini-SD card to quickly save files, and Bluetooth technology to pair the display to a cell phone or PDA. The 10 key Braille Keyboard gives users the possibility to reproduce all the standard key combinations for both typing and navigation, allowing users to fully navigate a personal computer, applications and cell phones. Use the two joysticks to easily control menus and the navigation wheels to quickly browse through information.

Eye-Pal Ace Handheld Magnifiers

The Eye-Pal Ace is a portable and easy-to-use reader for individuals who have difficulty reading printed text. Read your books, letters, food packages, and prescriptions with one press of a button. Use our exclusive AudioMinder features to display a large clock, set an alarm, and get an appointment reminder.

The Eye-Pal Ace has a built-in screen to display photos, magnify small objects, and enlarge text. This battery-powered, lightweight product weighs only 3.5 pounds. The ergonomic design makes it easy to read a book on the couch, go through a menu at a restaurant, fill out a form at the doctor's office, and accomplish a multitude of other tasks. Stay independent with Eye-Pal Ace.

Eyegaze Edge Communication System

The Eyegaze Edge is an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers people with disabilities to communicate and interact with the world. By looking at control keys or cells displayed on a screen, a user can generate speech either by typing a message or selecting pre-programmed phrases. Eyegaze Edge Systems are being used to write books, attend school and enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities in any situation.

  • Highly accurate and predicts a user’s gaze point to within 1/4 inch or less.
  • Programs & hardware are designed to reduce or eliminate visual fatigue associated with eye-controlled systems.
  • Fast input, activation time is user-determined and can respond in as little as 1/10 of a second.
  • Comfortable so that a user can operate from any position, including side-lying or with the head tilted, without tilting the screen.
  • Works with most eye variations including extremely large or small pupils, nystagmus, or irregularly shaped pupils.
  • Handles ptosis (drooping) of the eyelid – entire pupil does not need to be visible.
  • The Eyegaze Edge can be positioned high or low with a focus range of 16-30".
  • Provides off angle tracking so the user does not need to be parallel to the screen.
  • Tracks through lenses and works with eyeglasses and most contacts.
  • One-piece unit combines processor and display in a small 5 lb. package (size: 12-1/2″ x 9″ x 3/4″)
  • Adjustable monitor arm with camera bracket
  • High-speed infared sensitive camera and lens
  • Touch Pen and keyboard
  • Eyegaze communication software

iSwitch Bluetooth Switch For iDevices

The iSwitch is a Bluetooth switch which enables switch access to iDevices such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod. As a Bluetooth switch and interface in one, the iSwitch maintains a small footprint with a built in low profile at just 3" in diameter. There are also two programmable switch ports, for additional wired switches, to provide a full range of multi-switch options.

Works with iPad®, iPad® mini, iPod® (3rd generation and later), iPhone® (iOS 5.0 onwards)


KeyStrokes 4 For Mac

KeyStrokes is an award-winning, fully-functional, advanced on-screen keyboard providing people with physical impairments as well as graphic tablet and touch screen users full access to the computer. KeyStrokes allows you to use a mouse, trackball, head pointer or other mouse emulator to type characters into any standard Mac OS X application. For those who can position the pointer, but not click the mouse buttons, the integrated Dwellix™ system-wide dwell-based utility allows mouse button clicks to be entered by simply holding the cursor motionless for an adjustable period of time.

KeyStrokes provides advanced multilingual word prediction. Thanks to its revolutionary PolyPredix™ word prediction engine it can do word completion, next word prediction and even multi-word prediction in any Roman language as well as many other languages. The PolyPredix™ prediction engine offers many unique, time and effort saving features allowing significantly easier and faster typing. PolyPredix™ can reduce typing efforts by 50 to 70%.

KeyStrokes 4 adds LayoutKitchen, which allows users to design their own virtual keyboards. Such virtual keyboards can be used not only for typing, but also to launch applications, speak, run AppleScripts and much more.


The LearningBoard helps kids of all ages learn the location of letters and other keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard with vibrant color-coded vowels, consonants, numbers and function keys. Learn to touch-type, finish homework, e-mail and communicate with friends and family with a keyboard that will withstand hard-handed use, yet provide smooth and dependable key action.


LittleMouse is a little two-button mouse with a green left-click and red right-click recommended by teachers when instructing young children how to use a computer mouse. LittleMouse has no scroll wheel, it’s easy to control, and made of rugged plastic for strength and durability.

Maltron Dual Hand 2D Keyboard

The Maltron Dual Hand 2D Keyboard or finger friendly keyboard offers two key groups for letters, with a central number group to keep wrists straight and strain free. Central numbers suit both left & right handers. The letter keys are angled inwards to match natural finger movements and, as in the 3D two-handed design, the keys for the longer fingers are further away to reduce finger motion and provide small therapeutic actions. Large palm pads give a comfortable resting and relaxing zone for hands and arms during “thinking time”, to encourage blood flow and recovery.

The Maltron flat keyboard is available in 89 and 90 series. The 89 is more suited to those who have used a Maltron 89 series keyboard before. If you are a new Maltron keyboard user, we would recommend a 90 series keyboard. 89 series keyboards are available with a PS/2 or USB connector, while the 90-series are only available with USB.

90 series keyboards are an updated layout design from the older 89 design, and are recommended for new Maltron users as the layout most closely resembles the conventional keyboard you will be familiar with. 90 series keyboards are only available with a USB connector. Number positions are more like the conventional flat keyboard you will know, except for the escape key which is in the central number area.

Piaf Tactile Embosser

The Piaf Tactile Embosser produces high quality tactile graphics using heat sensitive capsule paper. It is ideal for people who are blind and vision impaired. Piaf's controlled heat source causes any black lines, letters or shapes that are drawn, printed or copied onto the capsule paper to swell. The result is an instant tactile graphic.

Piaf is an ideal embosser for the classroom. It can be used to introduce simple shapes and basic concepts. It is ideal for producing drawings and two-dimensional renderings of solid objects to encourage students in taking the first tentative steps to expressing themselves graphically. Piaf is also perfect for teaching the concepts of handwriting and signatures. Later, Piaf can be used to access graphical information in nearly all subject areas especially Mathematics and Sciences.

Piaf can also produce high-quality local area maps for orientation and mobility training, or make campus or building maps for students or employees.

SofType 5 OnScreen Keyboard

SofType is a software utility which replaces the functionality of a desktop keyboard with a full featured, on-screen keyboard. SofType can be accessed using a mouse or mouse emulator such as the HeadMouse Extreme. SofType works by generating an image of a keyboard on the computer screen. When a key is selected (clicked), the character represented by that key is sent to the Windows application with focus.

TinyMouse Optical

The TinyMouse is about half the size of a standard computer mouse and just right for a small hands. A scroll wheel and colored right and left buttons help kids learn to click and move the cursor using the tiny mouse with greater comfort and control. And with optical tracking, there is no trackball to become dirty or lost, or to malfunction.

X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keypad

The new XK-24 with MacroWorks 3.1 software combines the tradition of rugged, reliable X-keys with added features for the same price as our X-keys Desktop. With four more keys in a smaller footprint, the XK-24 sports a new co-injected case suitable for handheld applications.

Clear key lenses keep your printed or hand written legends securely in place and protect them from wear while making it quick and easy to update them. The full travel keys have the same feel as your standard keyboard. A wide variety of key caps and key blockers make it easy to customize the XK-24 into a simple control surface like a bump bar or a live audio switcher.

X-keys® XK-16 Stick

Sixteen keys for shortcuts, hot keys, inserting text or Unicode symbols, typing email addresses, logins, and passwords. Anything you need to do on a computer can be turned into a macro and assigned to one clearly labeled key. Think of it as a speed dialer for your computer.

Clear lenses hold your key legends securely in place and protect them from wear while allowing you to quickly and easily update them as your requirements dictate. Key labeling options for developers or system integrators are available.

XK-3 USB Foot Pedals

The XK-3 Front Hinged Foot Pedal allows the user to rest a foot on the main pedal without activating it and then click with just slight additional pressure. Perfect for mouse click and drag or modifier keys. Only the hinge on main pedal is in the front. The two outside pedals, used for momentary actions, are hinged in the rear.

The XK-3 Rear Hinged Foot Pedal features a curved main pedal which allows the user to find the most comfortable angle to rest a foot while keeping the pedal active. Perfect for transcription playback, dictation microphone activation, or video capture. All three pedals on this unit are hinged in the rear.

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