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Backsaver Products

Backsaver Products


BackSaver™ is the originator of the Zero-Gravity Recliner!



You don’t have to be an astronaut to enjoy the benefits of zero gravity! Just lose yourself in our ZGR 100 "Premier" model to experience the pleasures of reduced pressure on the spine and relaxation galore.

Our entry-level design in the Zero Gravity Recliner series features a sturdy metal frame with infinite adjustable seating and a cozy neck roll with a WonderFoam® fill for additional comfort and support. Comes in black leather. Weight limit: 275lbs.



Our wood-frame "Signature" model Zero-Gravity Recliner takes its cues from a modernist era, with a sleek, curved armrest in natural, teak or walnut. 

The retracting legrest allows smooth exit and entry, and allows for an easy-to-achieve “conversation" position when you want to sit upright. The zero-gravity position, however, takes on whole new levels of comfort with the softness of leather, and an adjustable neck roll of WonderFoam® will have you relaxed in no time. Articulating headrest. Available in multiple wood and leather finishes

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