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BAUM (USA), Inc.

BAUM (USA), Inc.

13 Branch Street
Suite 205
Methuen, MA 01844


Poet Reading Machine

There are two models to choose from: Poet Compact2 features a 3-button interface and is very easy to use, while Poet Compact2+ offers additional levels of functionality.

This slender all-in-one reading machine can read virtually any kind of printed matter with just the press of a button. There is no need to study lengthy manuals and you do not need to have any prior knowledge of computers to operate the Poet Compact2.

Pronto! 18 V4

Pronto! 18 V4 is a full-function braille notetaker. As the name suggests, Pronto! 18 features an 18-cell refreshable braille display, an 8-button ergonomic braille keyboard, clear sounding speech output, and a comprehensive suite of productivity applications that help make life easier at home, school, and at work.

Pronto! represents the very best in terms of form and function in a compact, lightweight shell. Amazingly, this powerful little device is only about 6 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and just under an inch high. Thanks in part to the lightweight magnesium housing, Pronto! weighs just under 1 pound, and is the perfect companion for daily life.


There’s so much to love about VarioUltra, the smartest braille display and notetaker on the planet.

A switch on the left side of VarioUltra lets you switch between Braille Notetaker Mode (switch is away from you) and Braille Display Mode (switch is toward you).

In Braille Notetaker Mode, VarioUltra can run on battery for up to 12 hours.

In braille display mode, VarioUltra can be connected simultaneously with up to 5 different devices. Connections are made via one USB and four channels of Bluetooth.


If you’re looking for an affordable video magnification system that is high quality and easy to use, then VISIO 22 is the solution you need.

With magnification up to 60x, VISIO 22 delivers exceptional levels of image clarity, with text and photos/illustrations displayed crisply and clearly on a 22” flat-screen monitor. Control of VISIO 22 is provided via the 4-button control panel on the front bottom edge of the screen, and an intuitive magnification dial that you’ll find front and center. Selecting your preferred magnification level is simple: turn the magnification dial counter-clockwise to decrease the magnification, and clockwise to increase it.


VisioDesk is the perfect solution for anyone needing to magnifiy text and other materials at home, school, or in the workplace. Standard features include:

    High quality, made in Germany
    Full HD (1080p, 60Hz) video magnifier
    1.7x to 35x magnification
    15.6” display
    Folds flat when not in use
    Distance camera
    Functions on battery for 6-hours
    Carry case included

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