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Large Computer Monitor

A larger sized computer monitor is an option to enhance viewing capabilities (especially if already increasing the font size). The image on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) monitor is redrawn many times per second and this produces a flicker. If an individual is sensitive to this flickering, a higher "refresh rate" will reduce flicker or provide a flicker-free image. Additional options with a CRT monitor are Trinitron or Flat Square Technology (FST).

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) are flat panels that differ from traditional CRTs by not flickering. In general, there are both advantages and disadvantages for flat screens. Advantages may include thin space-saving depth, a brighter display to reduce eyestrain/glare, and enhancing displayed text. Still, CRT's may be better suited for a person who needs to work with multiple resolutions. Flat panels cannot support very high resolutions and may be seen as a disadvantage.

Plasma displays are a new technology which offers very large screens (30" to 60") at a thin depth. Plasma displays are typically used in settings such as conference rooms, mall displays, and other public venues.