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Sennheiser PXC 250-II Active Noise-cancelling Travel Headphones - Closed

Metrophones Studio Kans Stereo Isolation Headphone w/ Bluetooth

Metrophones Studio Kans deliver the snug, comfortable fit and extreme isolation of Metrophones along with the power of Bluetooth and a reduced price. These wired or wireless headphones are great for practicing, live monitoring, or for recording in a noisy environment — a feature which Sweetwater knows our drummer friends will find particularly useful. Metrophones Studio Kans offer -29dB of passive isolation to protect your hearing from outside noise and to focus music directly to the ears. Gel-filled earcups cushion ears and prevent outside bleed for the ultimate in recording and performance fidelity. Convenient Bluetooth operation makes Studio Kans the perfect tool for practicing along to songs or enjoying music on the train. What's even better, just about every Studio Kans component is replaceable to guarantee a lifetime of listening enjoyment.

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