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Color Teller

Color Teller

The Color Teller is a device designed to help the visually impaired, blind and color blind individual. The Color Teller accurately and consistently determines colors and shades.Its single button operation is easy to use, always ready and never needs to be switched off.
The Color Teller announces all the common colors, plus many tints and shades like pink, pale blue-green, dark brown and vivid yellow. It is 6 inches long, about 3 ounces and is very durable. The Color Teller has three volume levels. It supports three languages: English, French and Spanish. It has two levels of color announcement detail and operates with the single press of a button.
The Color Teller comes with operating instructions in large print and on audio CD, protective case with a belt-loop, wrist strap, long life battery and a six-month warranty.

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