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Bellman Visit Alarm Clock-Receiver

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock-Receiver

The Bellman Visit Alarm Clock/Receiver is a multi-functional unit that alerts you to several home signals and alarms in addition to waking you up. The built-in receiver can be activated by the doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm and baby monitor transmitters. (Transmitters must be purchased separately.) Different colored LED indicators on the face of the clock identify the various alarms.

The clock flashes lights and an audible alarm which grows louder and sweeps through different sound frequencies during the alarm. The clock can be connected directly to a phone jack to alert you when the phone rings. 4 minute snooze. A/C powered, with back-up power in the event of a power failure being provided by the included built-in NiMH battery. Great for the deaf and hearing impaired. Dimensions: 4.3x 5.1x 3.6. 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Color: White and red.

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