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JAN Staff

Staff bios

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential technical assistance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Since 1983, JAN’s professional consultants have provided quality customer service to more than 480,000 customers, including employers, individuals with disabilities and their family members, service providers, union representatives, doctors, lawyers, and others. JAN is unsurpassed in its wealth of knowledge, experience, resources, and dedication to its mission: improving the employment outlook of people with disabilities by providing timely, accurate, and thorough information to its customers.

JAN Consultants are thought leaders and innovators on disability employment issues. All have earned at least one Master's degree in their specialized fields, ranging from rehabilitation counseling to education and engineering. JAN Consultants provide technical assistance related to all aspects of job accommodation, including compliance with and enforcement of disability-related employment laws, products and services, vendors and resources, best practices, how to request and negotiate accommodations, and how to process accommodation requests. Customers also receive information on self-employment and non-profit development.

JAN Consultants have over 100 years collective experience in providing customized accommodation solutions, referrals, and training. Consultants work in various specialized teams including motor, sensory, cognitive/psychiatric, and self-employment teams. Working in specialty teams permits the consultants to develop knowledge within specific areas. This collective experience and expertise enables consultants to respond efficiently and quickly to requests in the most appropriate manner. Meet the JAN staff.